Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Madness

Ah Plato ^.^

Oh my what an interesting start to the week!
To all who didn't know (which is probably most of you) we celebrated
Mitch's birthday on Saturday ^.^

It was a great night and as great nights always are, it was made better
because we spent it with awesome friends! Not to mention we spent
alot of the weekend with another fantastic friend who was also
celebrating her birthday, and to top it off we had the great pleasure of meeting her wonderful family.

Our weeks have been hectic and super busy, which alas has meant we have
not been blogging as much as we would like to *sigh* but never fear because soon enough we will have more time up our sleeves ^.^
Hope your Monday has been slightly less hectic then ours!
Mitch & Josh

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